🔑 Variables and Secrets


Variable and secrets are bound as follows:

$ miniflare --binding KEY1=value1 --binding KEY2=value2 # or -b
# wrangler.toml
KEY1 = "value1"
KEY2 = "value2"
const mf = new Miniflare({
  bindings: {
    KEY1: "value1",
    KEY2: "value2",

.env Files

Variables and secrets are automatically loaded from a .env file in the current directory. This is especially useful for secrets if your .env file is .gitignored. .env files look something like this:

# Woah, comments!

You can also specify the path to a custom .env file:

$ miniflare --env .env.test # or -e
# wrangler.toml
env_path = ".env.test"
const mf = new Miniflare({
  envPath: ".env.test",