🕸 Web Standards

Miniflare supports the following Web Standards in its sandbox:

  • Console: console.*
  • Timers: setTimeout, setInterval, clearTimeout, clearInterval
  • Base64: atob, btoa
  • Web Crypto: crypto.* (powered by @peculiar/webcrypto with extra MD5 digest support)
  • Encoding: TextEncoder, TextDecoder
  • Fetch: fetch, Headers, Request, Response (powered by @mrbbot/node-fetch)
  • URL: URL, URLSearchParams
  • Form Data: FormData (powered by formdata-node)
  • Streams: ByteLengthQueuingStrategy, CountQueuingStrategy, ReadableByteStreamController, ReadableStream, ReadableStreamBYOBReader, ReadableStreamBYOBRequest, ReadableStreamDefaultController, ReadableStreamDefaultReader, TransformStream, TransformStreamDefaultController, WritableStream, WritableStreamDefaultController, WritableStreamDefaultWriter (powered by web-streams-polyfill)
  • Events: Event, EventTarget (powered by event-target-shim)